Crude Oil Climbs, Stock Futures Fall

Ben Bernanke
gave testimony to the Senate Banking
Committee today (

Stock index futures recorded a very disappointing performance as they were
unable to hold on to pre-market strength that lasted into the afternoon.
Treasuries closed lower, ending a three day advance.

The US Dollar Index closed flat, with Dollar gains versus the CHF, CAD, GBP and
EUR were offset by losses against the AUD and JPY.

June Crude Oil futures rallied sharply to close at $71.76. Unleaded Gas and
Heating Oil also climbed but Natural Gas closed slightly lower.

Gold futures rose $16 to close at $673.70.

All the softs except for Cocoa -0.92% closed higher. Cotton +3.27%, Coffee
+1.81% and Orange Juice +1.77% were the best performers.

Economic News

No economic news today but comments from Ben Bernanke’s testimony before the
Senate Banking Committee can be found in our


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