Current Time Symmetry

The IWM and QQQ declined -10.7% and -8.4% from the cycle time symmetry in the first week in March, while the SPX decline from that zone and subsequent high was only -4.4% to the 4/11/14 1814 low at the 50DEMA


The QQQ has bounced back to its early March high from just above its 200DEMA while the IWM, which made a 107.44 low on 5/15/14 and closed below its 200DEMA has bounced back to a 113.58 close yesterday

Meanwhile, the SPX has been manipulated to a new bull cycle high close at 1911.91 on 5/27/14 after the third consecutive bounce off pullbacks to the 50DEMA. However, this week is month-end, but it is also has some Pi symmetry as the index hits new highs.

It is 62.8 months from the 667 bear market low which is 2 x Pi where Pi =`s 3.14 x 10 =`s 31.4 x 2 =`s 62.8 I have included the SPX monthly chart with the 31.4 mo symmetry, but it you want all of the full 8.6 year cycle time symmetry since the 1576 top on 10/11/07 you can get it by taking a free one-week trial subscription to my trading service at the trading markets website and reading the commentary for 5/27/14 which has a complete chart with the time symmetry

The market has a significant long term 123 negative 5 RSI momentum divergence, and is obviously short term O/B, so the technical evidence confirms the probability of a reversal in this time symmetry zone. However, there is an inversion in that the SPX did make new cycle highs breaking out of essentially a 3 month trading range, but I still favor a reversal following month end, and the first couple of days in June.