Dollar Bulls on a Rampage

The U.S. Dollar is rocketing to new highs yet again today, continuing a vicious rally that began over a month ago. The EUR/USD pair had no real reaction to the ECB’s decision to leave rates at 4.25% or to Trichet’s speech 45 minutes later, but the ISM non-manufacturing number lit a fire under the greenback.

The headline number indicated growth (50.6) instead of the expected contraction (49.4). While this was only slightly better than expected, it was all the news the Dollar Bulls needed to set it off (see figure 1).

EUR/USD Chart 1

Figure 1: USD crushes the Euro after the ISM release. Source: Intellicharts

The Dollar increased its gains when the energy report hit one hour later, resulting in a dive of 150 pips in two hours on the EUR/USD pair. Please note that on this currency pair, a falling exchange rate indicates that the Euro is falling, and the U.S. Dollar is gaining.

It’s also interesting to note that neither the ISM number nor the energy inventory report was overwhelmingly positive, yet the USD took off just the same. This is an indication of how the sentiment toward the USD has changed over the past two months.

Long term USD bulls have reason to cheer as well, due to the “Golden Cross” on the U.S. Dollar Index daily chart. A Golden Cross refers to the 50-day SMA rising above the 200-day SMA, and is considered a very bullish indication (see figure 2).

USD Chart

Figure 2: A “Golden Cross” on the USD Index. Source: Intellicharts

Today’s activity pushes the EUR/USD pair close to a major support level, the December 2007 lows near 1.4300 (see figure 3).

EUR/USD Chart 2

Figure 3: EUR/USD pulls back to major support. Source: Intellicharts

The next major support levels are 1.4000 and 1.3850. If we get a bounce, I’ll be looking to short.

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