ETF PowerRatings: New ETF Strategies for the ETF Market

ETF PowerRatings: Nearly 80% correct since 2003.

Less than a year after short term traders began learning about impressive, per trade win rates of high probability ETF trading, Larry Connors and the team at Connors Research have taken ETF trading to yet another level: ETF PowerRatings, the latest ETF strategy for short term traders in the ETF market.

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The “Everything In One Number” approach of ETF PowerRatings make short term ETF trading more simple and straightforward than ever. ETF PowerRatings rate hundreds of) of exchange-traded funds every day on a scale from 1 to 10.

From here, all ETF traders need to do every day – either after the close or in the morning before the open – is log in and begin scanning our ETF PowerRatings database or our Top 25 ETF PowerRatings roster for those ETFs that have earned our highest ratings of 9 or 10. These are the ETFs that our research shows are most likely to outperform in the short term.

FXI Chart

The iShares FTSE Xinhua China 25 ETF [FXI|FXI] earned a PowerRating upgrade to 9 as of September 1. Four days later, FXI was trading well over three points – and more than 10% – higher.

Just what kind of outperformance are we talking about when we talk about ETF PowerRatings? How about a win rate per trade of nearly 80% for ETFs that earned our highest rating of 10? Nearly 80%. And even those ETFs that earned PowerRatings of 9 performed impressively in our historic testing and can make excellent trading candidates for short term ETF traders.

Plus, by focusing only on those ETFs that are most likely to outperform in the short term trader’s “sweet spot” of 5-8 days, traders who use ETF PowerRatings can spend less time analyzing and over analyzing the ETF market and more time trading and profiting from it.

Take a look at these 14 ETFs that were rated 9 and 10 as of Friday, September 25.

ART2 Chart

Above is just a sampling of the ETFs that had earned our highest ETF PowerRatings as of the Friday close. All 14 ETF were higher the next day – some by more than 5%.

In just one day, ETFs like the iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund ETF [IYM|IYM] and the Vanguard MidCap ETF [VO|VO] soared by more than 2%. The SPDR KBW Insurance ETF [KIE|KIE] leapt higher by an eye-popping 5.1% from Friday’s close to the close on Monday.

All 14 of these ETFs were in the green one day later and most are continuing to rally on Tuesday.

This is what ETF PowerRatings are all about. Between 2003 and 2009, nearly 8 out of every 10 top-rated ETFs made money in the days after receiving its PowerRatings upgrade to 9 or 10. A trader who used ETF PowerRatings to trade top-rated ETFs during this period would have been profitable through a variety of market conditions – from the low volatility bull market from 2003 to 2007, to the high volatility bear market decline of 2008 and the new bull market that began in 2009.

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Like all of the quantified research from Larry Connors, founder and CEO of and author of the book, High Probability ETF Trading, and Connors Research, ETF PowerRatings are based on thousands of simulated ETF (exchange-traded fund) trades – going back 2003, in the case of PowerRatings, going back to 2003. And although past performance is no guarantee of future results, the quantified, six-year track record of the highest rated ETFs – those that earned PowerRatings of 9 or 10 – is like nothing short term ETF traders have seen before.

ETF PowerRatings bring high probability ETF trading to a new generation of traders looking to take advantage of an ETF market that is still dominated by professional traders for the most part. This potentially creates a major opportunity for the serious, independent short term trader who can use ETF PowerRatings to buy undervalued ETFs that have earned major PowerRatings upgrades and to avoid – or sell short – those overvalued ETFs that have historically underperformed in the short term.

Not only will traders who subscribe to ETF PowerRatings know every day which ETFs are most likely to make historic moves, but members also will get access to our entire ETF PowerRatings database including the Top 25 ETF PowerRatings Roster, the biggest ETF PowerRatings upgrades, the biggest ETF PowerRatings downgrades, low-priced ETFs, ETFs to Avoid and more.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get into the ETF market, and want to make the kind of high probability, 80%+ win rate trades that can build a profitable, successful short term ETF trading business, then ETF PowerRatings may be the most important trading resource you access this year.

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