ETF Trading with Larry Connors: The Battle Plan’s 100th Trade a Big Winner

With its 100th trade in the books, Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan has another big win for the Model Portfolio.

Since inception in October 2008, Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan has been correct 80% of the time, including this most recent trade in the ETF trading Model Portfolio: a successful, multi-part short trade in the ^SPY^ that netted gains of nearly 4% in a matter of days.

SPY chart

ETF trading with Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan is a great way for traders who are new to exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading to take advantage of quantified strategies to find the ETFs with the biggest edges every day. 80% correct since inception in October 2008 and more than 80% correct in 2011 alone, Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan is a spin-free, data-driven approach to applying statistics and probability to the world of short term swing trading – and the results speak for themselves. 

To learn more about Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan, read Larry’s four-part series on how he finds the best ETFs to trade every day at the link below. Then click here to start your FREE, 7-day trial to Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan.
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