Fire Your Stock Analyst: The Big Saturday Interview with Harry Domash

Click here to access this week’s Big Saturday Interview with Harry Domash, author of Fire Your Stock Analyst!: Analyzing Stocks On Your Own (2nd Edition).

Says Harry Domash, “Rather than trying to understand everything, when I started, I did it bit by bit. For example, I’d read that comparing operating cash flow to income can tell you a lot about what’s going on in the company. So when I investigated, I found that both were on the cash flow statement.

So, I started by simply looking at those two numbers. I didn’t worry about anything else on the statement. Over time, as you get more familiar with the statement, you might start looking at other numbers. But you don’t have to become an MBA to do this stuff. Just look at the needed numbers and don’t worry about the rest.”

This do-it-yourself attitude is the spirit that guides Harry Domash, whose book Fire Your Stock Analyst! Analyzing Stocks On Your Own, is a call to arms for investors ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and begin making their own decisions about their investments. With a focus on bottoms-up analysis and fundamentals as signposts – and warning signs – Domash’s approach to investing helps provide the average investor with the tools he or she needs to pick the right stocks and avoid the wrong ones.

Harry Domash is an author, speaker and investor who runs, a website for investors looking for high-dividend investments, and, an online resource for beginners and others new to the world of stock investing. In addition to Fire Your Stock Analyst, Domash is the author of The Everything Online Investing Book.

To access our Big Saturday Interview with Harry Domash, author of Fire Your Stock Analyst: Analyzing Stocks On Your Own, click here.

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