Gold, Retail Earn Top PowerRatings Ahead of Final Trading Day of the Week: 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Friday

Today in 7 ETFs You Need to Know, we are featuring exchange-traded funds that have earned our highest ETF PowerRatings for today. With the strong selling and extremely oversold conditions, there may be no better time for swing traders to focus on those ETFs that have the biggest edges. And there are few resources as powerful as PowerRatings when it comes to spotting the biggest edges in stocks and ETFs to trade every day.

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Here are 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Friday.

The bursting of the commodity bubble has created significantly oversold conditions in precious metals related ETFs. This includes funds like the ^GDX^ (below).

GDX chart

Shares of GDX earned a PowerRatings upgrade from 9 to 10 as of Thursday’s close. The fund has pulled back for three out of the past four trading days.

In addition to precious metals ETFs, funds with significant exposure to energy commodities have also come under aggressive selling in recent days. Examples from this group include the ^XOP^, as well as the ^XES^ (below).

XES chart

Both XOP and XES earned PowerRatings upgrades from 9 to 10 as of Thursday’s close.

Country funds have also pulled back sharply over the course of the week. Earning top PowerRatings of 10 heading into trading on Friday are funds like the  ^EWA^ and the ^EWU^.

Down for six consecutive trading days ahead of trading on Friday is the ^XRT^ (below).

XRT chart

Despite recent strength in selected retailers, the sector has a whole continues to move lower along with the rest of the broader market.

Earning top PowerRatings of 10 ahead of Friday’s open is the ^SPY^. The SPY has closed lower for four days in a row, with the fund’s last three closes in oversold territory above the 200-day moving average.

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