Here Are A Few Names Moving Out Of Ranges

Like the Cleveland Browns did to the Atlanta Falcons last week,

the market put up a goal-line stand at the one yard line. Simply put, take the
charts from my

last report
and post them on a board. You can now see that for this second,
support has held.

What does Thursday’s action mean? Heck if I know. The only thing that matters to
me is that we can now hopefully look for a follow-through in the next few days.
If one does not come, we do nothing. I would love to see some
backing-and-filling in here to build a sounder base. But this is a market that
does not want to stand still for too long.

I found a few names moving out of ranges tonight. I will wait to play them, or
at best, maybe play them small. This is too tough of a market to make big
commitments…either way.

RBK moves out.

ECL on the verge.

TK looks like it wants
to move off of its recent gap.

I believe things will
become much clearer next week. Just take your time. I am in no rush.