Here’s how an options spread looks when done right

One of our down gapper
call credit spread setups has been an easy trade to watch.
It has
made a quick profit. Let’s take a look. The stock, Ultratech, Inc. (UTEK), is a
maker of laser systems for the manufacturing of semiconductors. It sank after a
downgrade by Merrill Lynch downgrade, which is how we identified conditions for
a trade.

We took a position in a November 20 call
(selling) x 22.5 call (buying), which formed a call credit spread. We took in a
net credit of $50 in premium per spread following the gap open. The profit/loss
parameters can be seen in Figure 2. Immediate movement lower (the ideal
scenario), or sideways to moderately higher movement, are all conditions for
potentially profiting.

Also known as a bear call spread, the stock immediately declined further, as
seen in Figure 3, which helped the trade show a profit even before time value
decay could lend a hand.

Figure 1 shows the gap open at 18.00, from a previous close right near 21, which
gave us a nice set up to establish a vertical call credit spread

Figure 1 — Generated by OptionVue 5 Options Analysis Software

Figure 2 — Generated by OptionVue 5 Options Analysis Software

Once the stock price moved lower, this November credit spread began getting hit
by time value decay. So the initially position delta short position has picked
up gains from two dimensions, delta and theta. Delta being negative, we gained
from the price declines. And theta being positive, we gained from time value
decay. Currently the spread is showing a profit of $40 (ask is 15 cents, bid is
5 cents). Recall that the maximum profit on this trade is $50, so we have
achieved 80% of the available potential profit.

Figure 3 — Generated by OptionVue 5 Options Analysis Software

In terms of percentage return on this trade, we would need to divide $40 by the
required margin ($225), which gives us a value of +17.8% profit rate. Since
there is more than a month still remaining until expiration, it does not make
sense to hold this trade open for just $10 extra in profit. The money would be
better put to use in a new trade.

Next week, I will follow-up a not so favorable trade outcome which, while
profitable, has had a more difficult time. In the meantime, if there are any new
setups on the radar screen I will be letting you know.

Have a great weekend!

John Summa

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