Here’s How to Trade Gaps and Pullbacks

I’m excited to announce the launch today of the new “Connors Research Trading Strategy Series”

Each month, my research firm, Connors Research, will be publishing between one to three major in-depth Trading Strategy Guides which will allow you to learn new trading strategies which you can immediately apply to your trading.

If you are looking to trade one of the most powerful pullbacks strategies available to traders today, order our newly updated guidebook –The Long Pullbacks Strategy – by clicking here today.

All of the research is quantified. And all of the research is presented to allow you to customize it directly into your personal trading style.

The goal of the trading series is to allow you to:

  1. Learn a new trading strategy and apply it to your trading.
  2. Customize the strategy based upon the risk and reward you’re most comfortable with.
  3. Trade the strategy either systematically or add your own level of discretion on it by overlaying your favorite indicators to it.

Full disclosure is given with each strategy. And each strategy is precise – there is no guessing as to what to do – you have the exact trading rules and the historical results based upon those rules.

Each Strategy in the Trading Series will:

  1. Be fully quantified. The Stock Strategies show you the test results from 2001-2011. The ETF Strategies show you the test results from 2006-2011.
  2. Every strategy includes multiple entry levels, multiple entry parameters, and multiple exit types. This ranges from day trading the strategy to holding the strategy from 3-7 in order to maximize the gains.
  3. You can customize each of these strategies for your own trading because each strategy allows you to choose the parameters that best fit your trading style.

When you order, you will be invited to attend a live conference call with me where I will discuss the trading strategy in-depth and also answer any questions you have. If you cannot attend the live call, it will be recorded for you to listen to anytime. Also you can email questions directly to us after listening to the presentation.

You’ll gain an education second to none with this series.

If you enjoy professional research and learning and applying new quantified strategies, the Connors Research Strategy Series is for you.

Here are the first two Strategies in the Series.

The Long Pullbacks Strategy

In 2005 we published what we consider to be our most powerful short-term trading strategy which we originally named the 5x5x5 Strategy. Many thousands of traders learned the strategy and many still use it today. Since that time we have updated and improved the strategy, added new entry parameters, added new exit strategies, and have updated the trade results beginning from 2001 -2011.

What you will learn with this strategy are many hundreds of variations which have been correct from 72.4% up to over 78% for more than a decade. And the average gain per trade (this includes all winning and losing trades) has averaged over 5.7% a trade on dozens of variations of the strategy.

You will learn how to identify the set-up, select the entry level, where to place the order and where to exit the order. This is done on all liquid US stocks (and it can be done on global markets as well). And as an added bonus we also added a day trading component to this strategy for those of you who like to exit positions before the close each day.

The Long Pullbacks Strategy comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee (as do all the Guidebooks in our Strategy Series).

If you would like more information on The Long Pullbacks Strategy click here. If you would like to order and download it now so you can have immediate access to it please click here.

ETF Gap Trading; A Definitive Guide

The second Guidebook in our Strategy Series in on Trading ETF Gaps. If you trade ETFs you will soon see that trading Gaps on ETFs, when done correctly, can be the one of the most profitable strategies available to you in ETF Trading.

The average gains per trade from trading the gaps as taught in this Series ranges all the way up to over 4% per trade (a substantial number for ETFs). And we added a Leveraged ETF section where the average gains get above 5.5% trade.

Historically the majority of the ETF Gap set-ups have been correct 72-78% of the time. And like the Long Pullback Strategies we’ve also added a day trading aspect to trading gaps which allow you to day trade ETFs both on the long and the short side.

The ETF Gap Trading Strategy also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you would like more information on the ETF Gap Trading Strategy click here. If you would like to order and download it now so you can have immediate access to it please click here.

Expect to see our Strategy Series to grow each month. Our goal is to grow your strategy knowledge and to allow you to take strong quantified strategies and successfully apply these strategies to your trading on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 888-484-8220, ext.627 or 973-494-7333.

Please use the links below to order and download your copies now.

Long Pullbacks click here.

ETF Gap Trading click here.

To order both, please click here.

Larry Connors is Managing Partner of Connors Research