Here’s What’s Coming to The Machine

Over the next month there will be a number of new additions to The MachineĀ® along with additional education. Here is a quick update.

1. We will be adding 12 additional ETF models to The Machine; six on the long side and six on the short side. These models will come directly from the strategies published in the book, High Probability ETF Trading.

2. We will also be adding new ETF models which apply a new innovative way to scale-in to the most overbought and oversold ETFs. Once these models are made live they will have the highest backtested results for ETFs within The Machine.

3. We will be adding a position size calculator to The Machine. The calculator will allow you to place in the total cash value of your account and from there calculate for you the number of shares your portfolio should be buying/shorting each day based upon the portfolio parameters you are using.

4. This Saturday June 19 at 10 am ET, I will be conducting a live 2-hour online seminar on how to apply “The Machine Screener” to your trading. Attendance is open to all Chairman’s Club members and all licensees and trial users of The Machine. To gain access to this seminar, go to the Chairman’s Club site and click on “live presentation”. Licensees and trial users will have a link emailed to them on Friday evening. This seminar will be recorded and made available to watch beginning Saturday evening. You can find the recording in the Education Section on The Machine.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in your suggestions for The Machine. They’re excellent; please keep them coming!

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Larry Connors is CEO and Founder of and Connors Research.