High Probability ETF Trading: Books, Software, Seminars and More!

There are a number of things going on so I’ll update you.

1. Our new book High Probability ETF Trading was launched on Friday via digital format (you’ll receive your hard copy once its back from the printers). You can download your copy today if you have not already done so (you should have received an email with the instructions). If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, call 1-888-484-8220 ext 1 or 213-955-5858 ext. 1 and you’ll have immediate access to it. The early feedback over the weekend has been very positive. Thank you!

2. The High Probability ETF Trading Software with the daily ETF set-ups and alert is available for a two week free trial. You can take the trial by calling the same number above.

3. The add-on modules for TradeStation and Amibroker are available for the strategies in the book. You can order the add-on modules through our office today and you’ll have them immediately.

4. I’ll be conducting an in-depth all day seminar in mid-June on TPS which is the primary strategy I use to trade ETFs and the primary ETF strategy The Daily Battle Plan uses. If you would like to attend the free presentation, call the numbers above. Today’s presentation is at 2 pm and Thursday’s is at 4:30 pm. If you can’t attend, either ask for a recording to be sent to you.

5. Swing Trading College Class 6, Session 4 is tonight at 4:30 pm ET.

6. Swing Trading College Class 5, Session 13 (live trading) is tomorrow at 4:30 pm ET.

If you have any questions of the above, please feel free to email me at l.connors@tradingmarkets.com.

This is from Larry Connors Daily Battle Plan which he publishes each morning. If you’d like to take a free trial click here, or call 1-888-484-8220 ext 1 to start your free trial today.

Larry Connors is CEO and Founder of TradingMarkets.com and Connors Research.

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