High Probability ETF Trading Software and the Battle Plan’s Perfect September

As I mentioned, yesterday was a very good day for the Daily Battle Plan subscribers locking in gains on SPY and making September a perfect month of trading in the Daily Battle Plan Model Portfolio (for a free trial click here).

If you are looking for even more ETF trading ideas during the month you should take a free trial to our High Probability ETF Software. It uses many of the same concepts I apply to the Battle Plan but it encompasses a wider universe of ETFs.

For example, today there are profitable exit signals triggering on approximately 20 ETFs and you’ll find this type of information helpful to your trading.

Click here if you would like to take a free trial to the High Probability Software. Included in the trial is an on-line recording from me that shows you the many ways you can apply the software to your trading.

Larry Connors is CEO and Founder of TradingMarkets.com and Connors Research.