How to Avoid Getting Whipsawed Near the 200-Day

More on today’s Daily Battle Plan discussion on the 200-day moving average.

What is the rule of thumb for avoiding ETFs near the 200-day ma? Our research has found it to be 1.5% away from the 200-day moving average (2% can also be used). Therefore if an ETF is 1.5% within its 200-day, you will avoid putting on an initial signal. If you’re scaling into a position, and let’s say the first unit is 2.7% away and you buy, if the second signal moves to be only 1.2% away, you’ll hold the first unit until the exit signal is triggered and not take the second signal as its within that 1.5% range.

I’d recommend you looking at a few charts for examples, especially from the past few weeks to further understand this.

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