How to find short-term downside reversals

In today’s Chart of the Day, we’re going to look at the

Short Windows Candidates

These are stocks which are in a strong downtrend, as determined by a proprietary
trend filter and whose current bar has its lows above the 4-day
moving average.
Historically, these stock on average have had a larger than normal short-term
downside reversals. In order for us to be a buyer of a “Trading Window”, we must
have a 10-period ADX reading of 30 or higher and a +DI reading above the -DI
reading. Or we must have a 14-period +DI of 30 or higher (with no ADX reading
required). In order for us to have a sell signal, the 10-period ADX must be 30
or higher and the -DI must be greater than the +DI. Or we must have a 14-period
-DI reading of above 30 (with no ADX reading required). Single Windows are the
most common type of Windows. They are simply a single bar which has its low
trading above the 4-period MA or its high of the day below the 4-period MA. You
will enter tomorrow if the market trades above today’s high (for buys) or below
today’s low (for sells).

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1. Current bar has its lows above the 4-day MA.

2. 10-period ADX must be 30 or higher.

3. The -DI must be greater than the +DI.

In the days to come we’ll show you more of these examples on both the long and
short side. I’ve enjoyed showing you this Chart of the Day, please feel free to
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if you have any questions or comments.

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Reminder: We are in no way recommending the purchase or short sale of these
stocks. This article is intended for education purposes only. Trading should be based on your own understanding of market conditions,
price patterns and risk; our information is designed to contribute to your
understanding. Controlling risk through the use of protective stops is critical.