I Am Excited To Present This New Contributing Trader

Do You Know This Man?

He was featured in Jack Schwager’s book
Stock Market Wizards.

He’s a trading veteran of
28-years, he’s been profiled in Forbes, written articles for Futures
Magazine and Barron’s and has been the cover story of Active Trader
Magazine. In 1992, he won the United States Trading Championship, Option
Division, with a gain of 563.8%. Any guesses? Here’s a hint: he’s also a farmer.
That’s right, I’m speaking of none other than Mark Cook, and beginning
Monday, Mark will be writing his column three times a week for TradingMarkets.
The Long-Term Daytrader, authors Michael Sincere and Deron Wagner

“Mark Cook is considered by many to be one of the
best intraday traders in the country.”

Mark will
cover the S&Ps, but since he trades bonds, options and the euro, you can bet
he’ll give you a few insights on these tradeables, as well. I am very excited
about having Mark aboard–please give him a warm welcome. Look for Mark’s column
between 11 AM and Noon ET, MWF.

The New, Improved

If you haven’t been in TradersWire for a while,
swing by next week–you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We’ve made a lot of changes,
including precise buy and sell alerts on stocks and E-minis and Mini-sized Dow
contracts, expanded education and trading tips. And as always, there are some
good traders in the chat room. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve learned a lot
from some of these traders through the years, and I’m willing to bet you could
learn something, too. So come on by, we’ll
see you in
on Monday!


Big Cap
Earnings Announcements for the Week of January 10



Alcoa AA Monday, Jan 10
Genentech DNA Monday, Jan 10
Supervalu SVU Tuesday,
Jan 11
Intel INTC Tuesday, Jan 11
Apple Computer AAPL Wednesday, Jan 12
FaroTechnologies FARO Wednesday, Jan 12
MGIC Investment MGIC Thursday, Jan 13
Commerce Banc CBH Thursday, Jan 13
CREE CREE Thursday, Jan 13
Rambus RMBS Thursday, Jan 13
Sun Microsystems SUNW Thursday, Jan 13
M Flash Systems FLSH Friday, Jan 14

Scheduled Stock Splits for the Week of
January 10





Commercial Metals CMC 2-1 Jan 10 Jan 11
Aceto Corp. ACET 3-2 Jan 10 Jan 11
W Holding WHI 3-2 Jan 10 Jan 11
MDC Holding MDC 3-1 Jan 10 Jan 11
Cante Medical CMN 3-2 Jan 12 Jan 13
CVB Financial CVBF 5-4 Jan 13 Jan 14
Shuffle Master SHFL 3-2 Jan 14 Jan 14
Eaton Vance EV 2-1 Jan 14 Jan 18

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Upcoming Economic Events for the Week of
January 10

Date ET Release For Consensus Prior

Jan 10 10:00
Wholesale Inventories Nov 0.8% 1.1%
Jan 12 08:30
Trade Balance Nov -$53.0B $-55.5B
Jan 12 2:00 pm Treasury Budget Dec -$12.5B -$17.6B
Jan 13 08:30
Export Prices (Ex. Agricultural) Dec NA 0.4%
Jan 13 08:30
Import Prices (Ex. Oil) Dec NA 0.7%
Jan 13 08:30
Retail Sales Dec 0.7% 0.1%
Jan 13 08:30
Retail Sales (Ex. Autos) Dec 0.4% 0.5%
Jan 13 8:30 am Initial Jobless Claims 01/07 NA 364K
Jan 14 8:30 am Business Inventories Nov 0.6% 0.2%
Jan 14 8:30 am PPI Dec -0.1% 0.5%
Jan 14 8:30 am Core PPI Dec 0.2% 0.2%
Jan 14 09:15 am Industrial Production Dec 0.5% 0.2%
Jan 14 09:15 am Capacity Utilization Dec 78.9% 78.7%

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