If you want to trade this market, you better learn these pattens

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On Tuesday,  the Nasdaq sold off hard in early trading, drifted
sideways throughout mid-day, sold off again in late afternoon trading, and then
it bounced slightly going into the close.   This action has it closing

Ditto for the Ps.   


So what do we do?  As ugly as the market
looks, the sector action is even worse. I tooled though the 239 that  I
follow plus another dozen or so major sector indices. This is what I found: 
Biotech, major drugs (which many may need if the market continues to slide),
health services,  generic drugs,  tobacco, and trucking (to name a
few) are accelerating in their downtrends. Areas at higher levels such as
selected retail, real estate, banks, finance, selected manufacturing, computer
hardware, and major airs (to name a few) are breaking down. As mentioned
recently, now that the market is beginning to slide, those who bought during
this trading range may be looking to get out on any bounce–i.e. breakeven. This
action creates a situation known as  “overhead resistance” (see
the quote of the day below).  Therefore, continue looking for shorting
opportunities. Areas at higher levels that are just beginning to break down
could provide the best opportunities. I’ve dubbed these “transitional
patterns.”  Now would be a great time to brush up on them (email me
for more info or attend  Wednesday’s presentation).  On the long side,
the commodity related areas  such as gold, metals & mining, and 
energies sold off fairly hard on Tuesday but so far, they only appear to be
pulling back.  

As far as setups, Allegheny Technologies
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, in the strong steels
& iron (and let’s face it, weak steel isn’t very useful), looks like it has
the potential to resume its persistent uptrend out of a pullback.  Wait for an entry though since it 
ended lower on Tuesday. 

 Phelps Dodge
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, in copper and mentioned recently, still looks like it has the
potential to resume its sharp uptrend out of a Trend Knockout (TKO, email me if
you need the rules). However,  wait for an entry though since it
“faked out” on Tuesday.


Quote of the day

“The positioning going on now in these trading ranges should leave plenty
on the wrong side when we  breakup/breakdown resulting in new trends (at least we hope!).”

Mark Baniewicz of Allen Konrad Asset Management

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I’ll will  then take your questions on
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Best of luck with your trading on Wednesday! 

Dave Landry


P.S. Reminder: Protective stops on every trade!

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