I’m bullish on the USD, here’s why


March 5, 7:00PM New York: We wrote, “The dollar is setting up for a sharp
decline on Monday which should see a reversal higher by Friday. A bullish weekly
reversal would be an excellent signal that the lows are in and we are headed

March 6, 8:30 AM New York: The dollar reversal appears to have started in London
trade today setting up a nice bullish daily reversal. Long USDJPY and USDCHF are
the favored trades today for this move.


Go long USDCHF on Monday at 1.2950/90. Go long USDJPY at 117.00/20. Start small
as this week could see a large amount of volatility.

** Note that we will be updating charts each day this week from the weekend’s
initial report. The dashed lines are where the FX pair closed the previous
Friday. You can better track our weekly forecasts as we update them in this
format. It’s advised that you print off our weekend report to compare the
progress of our forecasts and the market moves. If we make a trade that we
indicated we might, then it is included in the “Trading Blotter” for you to

Top Trades:

1 — Long USDCHF @ 1.2970: S/L @ 1.2875: Exit at 1.3200

2 — Long USDJPY @ 1.1720: S/L @ 1.1550: Exit at 1.1900

3 — Long USDCAD @ 1.1350: S/L @ 1.1295: Exit at 1.1800

4 — Short EURUSD @ 1.2020: S/L @ 1.2100: Exit at 1.1900

5 — Short GBPUSD @ 1.7535: S/L @ 1.7600: Exit at 1.7400

6 — Long AUDUSD @ 0.7435: S/L @ 0.70: Exit at 0.7600