Innovations in Edges: Connors Research, High Probability Trading and The Machine

Connors Research, the research arm of The Connors Group, was named one of the finalists for Inside Market Data’s 2010 Innovative Market Data Project. Earning The Connors Group the honors was the firm’s breakthrough trading and portfolio-building solution: The Machine®.

The winner of the 2010 award will be announced in New York on May 26, 2010.

“We are proud to be recognized for this honor,” said Larry Connors, founder and CEO of The Connors Group, “and we are especially pleased to see such a positive reception for The Machine.”

The Machine provides the industry’s first comprehensive, quantified tool for building high performance, high probability portfolios. Based on more than a decade of quantified research, including a massive proprietary database of millions of equity trades, The Machine surveys the market in real-time, searching and computing current edges for all liquid stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Professional traders and money managers will be able to be test, analyze and build a wide variety of quantified, high performance trading strategies – all within on a consistent, statistically-based analytic environment.

Said Connors: “This recognition by Inside Market Data is consistent with the surge of early support we’ve received from our customers who are adopting the product and helping us to continue to grow The Machine.”

The Connors Group is a leading innovator in the development and distribution of financial market trading information and data for both the institutional investment community and the individual investor and trader. Through its research arm, Connors Research, the firm builds and develops model-driven, quantitatively validated trading methodologies based on a proprietary, continuously-curated core database of U.S equity trades.

Other short term trading solutions from Connors Research include Ultimate PowerRatings and High Probability ETF Trading Software. To learn more about short-term, quantitative trading strategies using PowerRatings click here to read Larry Connors’ column, “How to Find the Best Stocks to Trade Every Day.”

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To learn more about this recognition, click here.

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