It Is Imperative You are Cognizant of the Fib and Pi Symmetry in Play

The SPX finished +11.4% on the year to 2080.35, with the leader being the QQQ at +19.2% The index made its 2014 and cycle high at 2093.60 on 12/29, just 2 days in front of the 12/31 8.6 cycle Pi time symmetry date

The Pi date is measured from the 3/6/09 bear market 667 low in that it is 2400 days from 3/6/09-12/31/14 or 247 x 8.6

There is a monthly Pi 8.6 symmetry period around 8/12/15, and then a major long term yearly Pi symmetry cycle date in the first week of October.

However, as those of you familiar with my manual “Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry” know, it is a time period not one specific day .The index was obviously extremely extended and O/B at that marked-up cycle high, and has since declined -4.8% as I pen this commentary on 1/6

Regardless of whether you are day trading, swing trading, or managing money, it is imperative that you are cognizant of the Fib and Pi symmetry in play, then confirm it with the technical O/B or O/S condition at the time, which significantly increases the probability of a move in either direction

A basic example is the SPX made a 2019.26 high on 9/19/14 and declined -9.8% to 1820.66 in 18 TD`s [2 x 8.6 is 17.2] The 5 RSI was O/S at <20, and the 1821 low was just above the Fib 377DEMA

The subsequent reversal was +14.2% to 2080 [12/5] in 36 TD`s [4x 8.6 =34.4] The number 36 is also a Natural Square [6 x36] number so that is more symmetry. Also, Natural Square half numbers are also significant to be aware of. For example: 36 [6×6] is followed by 49 [7×7] , and the half number is 42.5 [36+49 divided by 2 =42.5] However, it is also in the 8.6 cycle as 43 is 5×8.6

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Kevin Haggerty