Larry Connors Live: How to Trade ETFs Using High Probability ETF Software

Think Visually? Trade Professionally!

This coming Wednesday, August 19th, at 4:30 p.m. Eastern, Larry Connors, CEO and founder of TradingMarkets and author of the book, High Probability ETF Trading, will present a special, live educational webinar on trading ETFs using the High Probability ETF Software developed by Connors Research.

Based on the high probability ETF trading strategies from the book – strategies that have produced win rates in excess of 80% for many widely-traded ETFs – the High Probability ETF Software makes it possible for short term ETF traders to get the information they need on where the biggest edges in ETFs lie.

“I asked a group of veteran traders I work with closely if a software product that provided high probability ETF trading signals would be a benefit to their ETF trading,” said Larry. The answer was unanimously, ‘Yes!’ Now, that software is here. And this live educational webinar will show traders just how to use it in their own trading.”

From strategies using the 2-period RSI to multiple down days and %b, traders attending Larry’s webinar event will not just learn how the high probability ETF software works. They will also learn how the flexibility of the software allows them to follow and trade only the strategies that suit their trading style and personality.

“It’s possible that no two traders will use the High Probability ETF Software in the same way yet both be successful and profitable trading the signals,” adds Larry. “The amount of customization individual traders can do is something we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on from traders.”

Spaces are limited so be sure to reserve your spot in Larry Connor’s special live education webinar: How to Trade ETFs Using High Probability ETF Trading Software. To sign up, click here.