Learn How to Professionally Trade Options with Larry Connors

At the upcoming Quantified Options Trading Strategies Summit 2014 Larry Connors and the Connors Research team will be teaching a comprehensive program of options trading strategies.

You’ll learn how to identify and trade high probability options setups in 4 distinct sections:

  • Quantified Strategies to Buy and Sell SPY Options and Other Liquid ETF Options
  • Applying Volatility to Trading SPY Options and VXX Options
  • Strategies to Trade Pattern Recognition and Technical Analysis on Options Pricing
  • Putting a Daily Plan Together to Execute your Trades

Additionally, you’ll learn how to trade weekly SPY options, how to take advantage of the massive edges volatility trading can provide, and how to apply technical indicators like ConnorsRSI and the 2-Period RSI to options prices!

From quantified strategies for trading both long and short calls and puts, to credit spreads and covered call writing, you’ll leave the Quantified Options Trading Strategies Summit 2014 with the complete knowledge needed to systematically and professionally trade options.

Register for this unique event now before it’s too late by clicking here or by calling: 888-484-8220 ext. 3 or 973-494-7311 ext.3

This Summit is limited to a small number of traders and is filling up quickly, so act now if you want to start trading what we consider the new frontier of trading options: Quantified Options Trading.