Learn to Use the Strongest Market Timing Indicator We Have Ever Created

On December 18, Larry Connors taught a new Volatility Spikes course and this is your opportunity to learn this strategy before it is no longer available the general public.

Volatility Spikes™ is the one strategy that Larry considers to be the strongest he has ever created. Here is why:

By using the VIX to pinpoint when to get into the market, Volatility SpikesTM has correctly predicted the short-term direction the SPY over 80% of the time since 1994 and has been profitable for 21 consecutive years from 1994 to 2014.

In fact, Volatility Spikes™ were 100% correct in QQQ in 2013 (a perfect 20 for 20).

Look closely at its performance last year:

In 2013, 36 signals of 40 signals correctly predicted higher prices, most within two days. Here are three sets of signals that occurred in October…

Plus, here is recent feedback from traders who are already applying Volatility Spikes™:

“Volatility Spikes has helped me obtain winning trades of 37% and 49 % net gains respectively. Today´s results are some of the best in all my trading experience.”

“[The Volatility Spikes Course] actually exceeded my expectations in ease of use and simplicity yet provides dynamic and effective back tested results.”

 “Really good research… you guys really hit it out of the park on this one.”

“The strategy presented is highly profitable…”

“The material is already making me a more profitable and smarter trader. Thank you, Larry!”

Who are Volatility Spikes for?

Volatility Spikes are for traders who are looking to time the market. If you trade options, E-minis, or ETFs (including Leveraged ETFs) you will want to learn how Volatility Spikes can add another dimension to your trading.

How Will The Volatility Spikes Seminar Be Taught and What is the Price?

The Volatility Spikes Trading Seminar will be taught online on Thursday, December 18 at 1pm ET (Introduction to Volatility Spikes)  and  (Advanced Volatility Spikes). Each course will individually cost $2500 and if you would like to attend both courses, the fee is $4000.

This is the single best market timing indicator that Larry Connors has created, to fuel your trading.

The benefits to knowing when a Volatility Spike is occurring are numerous. They allow you to confidently trade major market indexes, e-mini futures, volatility ETNs like VXX and XIV. They are also especially suited for Weekly Options where one is amply rewarded when one accurately predicts the short term direction of the indexes.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Why is Volatility Spikes So Effective?

A:  Volatility SpikesTM is based on the VIX, which has proven to be one of the best indicators to identify when markets are too overbought or too oversold.

Q: What kind of market timing signals does Volatility Spikes generate?

A: Volatility Spikes™ are historically very high probability market timing signals.

Q: How has Volatility Spikes performed each year historically?

A: Volatility Spikes™ signals have had 20 consecutive years of winning trades

Q: What is the typical holding time of the signals?

A: Volatility Spikes™ have short holds under 4 days (perfect for Weekly Options)

Q: What is the average winning trade on the SPY?

A: Volatility Spikes™ average winning trade on SPY is over 1.25%

Q: What percentage of trades are correct?

A: Volatility Spikes™ have been over 80% correct since 1994.

Q: How has it performed recently with the QQQ?

A: Volatility Spikes™ were 100% correct in QQQ in 2013 (a perfect 20 for 20).

Q: Does Volatility Spikes work in both bull and bear markets?

A: Yes. Historically Volatility Spikes™ have worked in bull markets and multiple bear markets.

Q: How flexible is it for building my own strategy?

A: Volatility Spikes™ are flexible enough that you can build dozens (even hundreds) of trading strategies around it.

Q: It is it simple to use?

Yes. Volatility Spikes™ are simple to use. Less than 3 minutes a day are required to receive your signals and place your trades.

Q: Can I get the signal using platforms such Tradestation?

A: Yes. Volatility Spikes™ add-on signal code for is available for TradeStation and Amibroker so you can run scans for yourself immediately.

To learn the full details about the Volatility Spikes Trading Seminar, click here to attend one of our free upcoming webinars.

And remember…

FREE BONUS: Register now and will also learn the new VIX Stretch Strategy.  This strategy has correctly predicted the direction of SPY over 74% of the time from January 1995 – August 2014 and you will receive its step-by-step rule during the live webinar.

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