Learn How to Day Trade VXX

Learn How to Day Trade VXX

The volatility ETN VXX has become the #1 most-traded volatility instrument available to traders, with over 40 million shares of VXX traded on a daily basis. This liquid ETN regularly moves significantly in intraday trading, and because of this has become a favorite specifically among day traders. While these large daily moves make VXX a prime candidate for day trading, few if any are trading it properly. There is an abundance of retail traders creating mispriced opportunities that you can take advantage of by trading volatility with a fully quantified, back-tested strategy.

We’re excited to announce The Connors Research Day Trading Volatility Course where you’ll learn how to successfully day trade VXX, as well as how to day trade volatility options. Like all of the strategies published by Connors Research, this quantified VXX strategy has been historically validated and come with complete disclosure of both the rules and test results.

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Larry Connors was one of the very first people to apply VIX to one’s trading, and has been at the forefront of volatility trading research ever since. The strategies developed by Larry and Connors Research are currently used by professional traders around the world.

Below are the test results for the Connors Research Day Trading Volatility Strategy, simulated through September 14, 2012:

Very few traders have this powerful day trading strategy – in fact we are limiting the access to 200 individuals before we remove it completely from the market for at least one year, thereby securing the competitive edge you’ll gain by utilizing this strategy.

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