Learn How to Trade Volatility with Larry Connors

to join Larry Connors for a special sneak peak presentation on the
1st Volatility Trading Strategy Summit.

On Saturday, May 5th, Larry Connors will hold the 1st
Volatility Trading Strategy Summit
, a unique event dedicated teaching a new
generation of traders and active investors how to take maximum advantage of the
growing market for volatility products like the VIX, VXX, XIV.

In fact, Volatility Trading can be treated as a separate asset class that
can be used to add diversity to your portfolio.

Professional traders have made it their business to understand and profit
from not just market volatility, but from the new, sophisticated instruments
used to trade volatility, as well. This has given the professionals a major
edge over the average retail trader – and even over many money managers –
allowing professional traders to consistently buy, sell, hedge, and even
day-trade volatility with consistency and success.

Now you can too.

Whether you are a prop trader, an options trader, or just an active investor
who has been around the block a few times, and knows that taking advantage of
the latest research is critical to long-term success in the stock market, Larry
Connors’ 1st Volatility Trading Strategy Summit is guaranteed to show
you things about trading volatility that you have never seen before.

Add to this the fact that all of this research comes from Larry Connors, one
of the first traders to recognize and write about the proper use of the CBOE
Volatility Index (VIX) when it comes to short-term equity trading, and you have
everything you would want in a “can’t-miss” opportunity for traders
and active investors looking to take their work in the markets to the next level.

From Volatility Pairs to Day Trading volatility Options, and much more, if
you want to add a real edge to your trading and active investing in 2012 and
beyond, then the 1st Volatility Trading Strategy Summit may be just what you
are looking for. Click the link below for an advance look at the 1st Volatility Trading Strategy
and preview the proprietary strategies used to trade volatility like
the pros.

Join Larry
Connors for an Advance Look at the 1st Volatility Trading Strategy Summit.

Spaces for the 1st Volatility Trading Strategy Summit are limited,
and we fully expect the event to sell out. If you know you are interested in
participating and want to be sure of having a spot at the Summit, feel free to
register directly here.

David Penn is Editor in Chief of TradingMarkets.com