Manage Your Money: The Machine and the Future of Active Management

Click here to sign up for a free, online presentation by Larry Connors, CEO and founder of TradingMarkets, as he introduces The MachineĀ®, the first and only financial software that allows traders and investors to design and build quantified portfolios.

In this special webinar, Larry Connors shows how a growing community of traders and investors are managing their money with The Machine. From individual traders and investors managing their own money to professional money managers, more and more traders and investors are learning how to use The Machine‘s unique, institutional-grade software to combine backtested, high probability trading strategies into quantified, high performance portfolios.

And now, for the first time, traders and investors using The Machine will have access to both quantified mean reversion and quantified trend following strategies. (Click here to find out why trading and investing with both mean reversion and trend following strategies that are quantified can be an excellent way to manage your money using The Machine).

Larry Connors has called The Machine the “21st century of trading and investing.” Traders and investors who have begun using The Machine have called it “an essential tool” and “the best product I’ve ever used to give me an edge in trading the stock market.”

If you think it’s time you thought seriously about managing your own money, Larry Connors’ free, online presentation on The Machine may be just what you need to see and hear in order to get started. No emotions. No buy and hold. And no one else’s opinion. Just data-driven decisions that you control.

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