Market Knife Down in Pi Time Symmetry

In the previous commentaries I said that there was a significant long term Pi time symmetry date in the first week of Sept, and I also included excerpts of that data in the previous commentary

The NYA (NYSE Composite) made a bull cycle high at 11,108 on 9/4/14 and has declined -11.0% (so far) to 9,890 (H to L) on 10/15/14, and trading significantly below its 200DEMA, which has rolled over.

The IWM made a bull cycle high at 120.18 on 7/1/14, declined to 109.56, before reversing and making a lower high at 117.50 on 9/3/14. Since then it has declined -11.9% to an intraday 103.54 low on 10/15/14, and well below its 200DEMA.

The SPX made a 2011.17 high on 9/4/14 and then declined to 1978.48 on 9/15/14. However, the Fed made another one of its “BS” statements on 9/17/14 and the index was marked up to 2019.26 on 9/19/14 before closing at 2010.40, but it has since declined -9.8% to an 1820.66 low as of 9/15/14.

The Pi time symmetry period was confirmed by a significant 1-2-3 monthly 5 RSI negative divergence so the probability was high for a market reversal which is what we obviously have now.

The UUP started the current advance from a 6/30/14 low at 21.26 and advanced +8.6% to a 23.08 high on 10/3/14. That has resulted in significant commodity declines, especially in the energy sector.

The USO made a 6/20/14 high and has declined -22.7% so far on 10/15/14 while the XOP is -37.8% from its cycle high on 6/23/14 and also at the .50RT zone to its 2009 bear market low. The XLE also made a 6/23/14 high at 101, and has declined -23.5% of which -21.1% of that decline is from the 1st week in Sept and the Pi symmetry.

The US 10-Year-Note yield started 2014 above 3.0%, and broke below 2.0% today. Europe`s economies and banking systems are in the toilet, while the US Government is in disarray on both the fiscal and geopolitical fronts. Although, based on the Government’s account of the US economy recently, everything looks good, and of course that is backed up by fraudulent data points and the empty suits at CNBC, which has become nothing more than just a satellite office of the Obama administration.

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Kevin Haggerty