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U.S. Market Retreat to Neutral Levels … IWM Most Oversold Among Major Equity Index ETFs … Top Stock PowerRatings Stocks for Today Include: VRUS, JAZZ, KNXA … Gold (GLD) Overbought … Crude Oil (USO) Oversold … VIX Reverses Back Towared 10-Day … Top ETF PowerRatings Funds for Monday Include: REA, IEZ, PFF …

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PowerRating Winning Trades Dates Backtested
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TradingMarkets 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Today

Here are 7 stocks for traders for today from

  • Pay school operator, ^APOL^, reports before the open with an expected EPS of 81 cents.
  • $1.34/share is the forecast before the bell figure for ^CALM^.
  • ^T^, ^CAT^, and ^AKS^ are among the initial companies to list expenses resulting from the new health care reform measures. In AT&T’s case the expenses will be $1 billion for the first quarter.
  • ^RSH^ has floated the ideas selling itself for $3 billion.

  • Credit Suisse raised its share price estimate for ^AAPL^ to $300.00.

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TradingMarkets 5 PowerRatings Stocks for Today

Symbol PowerRatings
Jazz Pharmaceuticals JAZZ 9
Rex Energy Corporation REXX 9
Steelcase Inc. SCS 9
Vical Inc. VICL 9
Complete Production Svcs CPX 9
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TradingMarkets Making Great Traders

High-Frequency Trading: The Big Saturday Interview with Irene Aldridge of Able Alpha Trading, Part 2

Here in Part 2 of our interview with Irene Aldridge, we learn more about the differences and similarities between low and high-frequency trading strategies, and what

the world of academia can and is doing to help prepare the next generation of high-frequency trading system developers and traders.

TradingMarkets Most Overbought and Oversold ETFs for Monday

This week’s most overbought and oversold ETFs for Monday’s trading include the ProShares UltraShort Oil & Gas ETF, DUG.

Best of the Battle Plan: ETF Trading Strategies – Should One Size Fit All?

Here’s a simple guide to help you understand the way ETF investing strategies work and which fund will work best for your portfolio.

TradingMarkets 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Today

Energies Dominate Top PowerRatings Funds for MondayTradingMarkets

Materials were up on the final trading day of the week, as exchange-traded funds like the ProShares Ultra Basic Materials ETF, UYM rallied from a one-day dip

into oversold territory above the 200-day moving average.

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