More on ETF Trading Strategies and Historical Volatility

Today we’ll look at the 4th part of my 5-lesson discussion on applying historical volatility to help you identify large moves. Over the past three days we’ve looked at using a 10/100 HV reading and a 6/100 HV reading to predict when a large move will potentially occur – as just happened over the past two days.

Another combination I look at is a 6-day HV reading versus a 25-day HV reading. This will often trigger signals when the two mentioned above do not. Ideally you’d like to see the 6-day reading to be 25% or less than the 25-day reading. This again says that a bigger move is likely near.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap us this series as we’ll look at combining multiple historical volatility signals to find the best of the best big moves each day.

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Larry Connors is CEO and Founder of and Connors Research.