My Mentoring Program Will Improve Your Trading – And You Can Try It Risk Free

Announcing – A Comprehensive Private Mentoring Program With Larry Connors

Dear Trader,

Do you have a burning desire to improve your trading? Are you frustrated by inconsistent trading results, a lack of a structured trading plan, too many strategies (or not enough alpha producing strategies), not taking trades, not following trading rules, assuming too much risk, and having too much chaos in your trading? Are you looking for a comprehensive private mentoring program where we work together on a one-on-one basis to optimize your trading strategies and maximize your trading results?

For more than two decades I’ve worked with traders from around the world in assisting them in improving their trading. These traders range from professional floor traders and former market makers who have expanded their trading businesses off the floor, along with non-professional traders who have had a single-minded goal of taking their knowledge and growing it in order to enjoy the freedom of full-time trading.

Every one of these traders had one thing in common – a burning desire to learn new trading strategies and techniques, and a burning desire to improve their trading. All knew how to trade – and all knew that with the correct structure and trading strategies in place they could further improve their trading. Going to more websites, buying more trading books, or looking for answers from CNBC was not going to help them to reach their goals. A structured step by step program that fully focused on their needs was the solution.

20 years ago I began working one-on-one with these traders through my private mentoring program. This private mentoring program is a structured 10-session plan to get you where you want to be with your trading.

What is Private Mentoring?

My Private Mentoring Plan is a comprehensive 10- session program structured around where you are currently with your trading and where you ultimately want to get to. You tell me where you want to go and together we create and execute a plan to get you there.

Each session builds upon the previous session and you will learn how to build a business around your trading.

Here is the 5-step program we use to get you to where you will be on the path of achieving mastery in your trading:

Step 1

This is done before your private mentoring begins and is an added bonus ahead of Session One. There is no cost in taking Step 1.

We take a comprehensive look at your trading. What are you doing, what are you trading, what risks are you taking, how your strategies are structured, how your trades are structured, how much correlation risk you have, and most importantly, what knowledge and skills can you learn in order to lessen your risk with the goal of increasing your overall returns.

We’ll also together look at your structure and discipline. In my many years of mentoring I have found that putting structure and discipline into place allows traders to make immediate substantial improvements. Once this discipline and structure is in place it makes it far easier to take new strategies and add them to the strategies that are working in order to grow your trading business.

If you would like to take Step 1 please call 1-888-484-8220 ext 1 to arrange a scheduled call with me.

Step 2

We will key in together what is working for you and what is not. I’m a firm believer in innate talent and abilities. Some traders naturally flow to specific types of trading whether it is short-term mean reversion, trend following, options, short-selling, systematic, and more.

By examining your trading results, understanding your education and professional knowledge, and us further understanding your personality, we align your strengths to your trading.

So many mentees have gone from frustrated traders to successful traders simply by us focusing on the things they were naturally strong at and eliminating the things they were not.

When you focus on the things you’re strong at (and enjoy), personal growth accelerates and you become much better. Many years ago I was taught by a very successful professional (and a terrific father) that “fish don’t fly and eagles don’t swim”. He went on to say that by allowing people (and your children) to run with their strengths and fly like eagles, they quickly become far more successful.

This is the approach our mentoring takes. We’re going to run with what you do best and learn new trading strategies and techniques that complement your strengths. You’ll be able to take that knowledge and grow it for life because you will be focusing on things that you are already good at.

Step 3

After we together agree on what you’re strong at and what you do best, we map out a course of action. This phase is a rapid learning phase where you will be assigned to read specific chapters of books customized to your plan. These books will provide you with the the base which will assure that you have a full understanding of the subject and you can then take that knowledge and begin moving this knowledge into your trading.

Step 4

As we move ahead you will learn new trading strategies and new techniques, along with new trading research to apply to your trading.

You will then trade this via paper trading or live trading with small position sizing. The primary goal of this phase is not to make money! It’s to gain mastery where you are executing in live market conditions and getting in perfect repetitions in order to prepare you to trade in larger size in the weeks ahead.

The new strategies and new research that will be provided to you will be based on the most up-to-date test results and will allow you to integrate them in with your existing strategies.

Step 5

As we are moving ahead, a structured disciplined business trading plan is being written by you.

The days of discretionary, undisciplined trading will be replaced with a written trading plan that will be executed day after day. The philosophy “discipline is freedom” created by retired Navy Seal and New York Times best-selling author Jocko Willink will be put into play. This discipline will allow you to come into each trading day and “see the trade, take the trade”.

Systematic strategies, precise position sizing, exact risk controls, and predetermined entry and exits removes the chaos many traders experience and turns it into a finely-tuned execution machine for you. The best traders are disciplined! We will focus on this disciplined approach as we move ahead with your sessions.By the end of our third session together you will have a precise outline of your trading plan.

In sessions 4-6 you will be furthering your plan and also executing the plan with proper controls in place. As you stay on schedule, you will not only become better at your trading, you will become more knowledgeable and most importantly, more disciplined.

Others who have successfully gone through the mentoring program begin taking control of their trading now. Instead of the markets chaotically whipping their trading and their emotions around, they are in control because they are executing a structured plan that was built around their strengths. This is where you will become aware of the many benefits of real world systematic trading, properly taking trades when they are signaled and gaining full control of your trading.

Sessions 7-10 will be all about learning new advanced trading strategies and techniques for your trading, including high level execution techniques to further lessen risk in order to maximize potential gains. As this mastery is gained we’ll spend our final two sessions focused on areas that are the most important to you. Mentoring is completed once we both agree that you achieved what you set out to achieve.

Over the years I have taken floor traders and taught them how to successfully move their businesses off the floor, successful corporate executives who knew how to trade but required professional knowledge in order to transition from leaving the corporate world to trading their own money full time, along with a number of traders who were frustrated with their training and required a structured plan with professional trading research, strategies and techniques in order to bring professional structure and discipline to their trading.

Who Succeeds The Most At Mentoring?

The traders who have had the most success in mentoring are the ones who had a burning desire to succeed. They worked the hardest, did the weekly assignments, stayed on schedule, and most importantly, left their ego at the door before entering. This means in some cases accepting the fact that in order to improve, you must drop the things that don’t work and run with the things that do work, especially the things that you are already good at and possibly even great at.

Ideally you have 2-5+ years of trading experience (it does not have to be professional experience). Knowledge is important and your knowledge will grow in this program – that’s guaranteed. The key is that we agree together ahead of time that this is where your are, this is what you’re looking to achieve, and this is where you want to go.

Together we agree on what we will accomplish for each session and we will stay on the phone together until we are both satisfied that we accomplished our mission for the session. The sessions are scheduled for one hour by phone but I’ve had sessions run more than three hours (fortunately there have not been too many of those). Time is not the measuring stick for these sessions – your mastery of the material is, and we work together to make sure that before the session is over you have full mastery in place.

If you believe that having a disciplined structured training plan in place, along with new updated research and strategies will improve your trading, let’s schedule a 15-30 minute call together. You tell me what you’re looking to accomplish and I’ll tell you if it’s doable and what path needs to be taken. From there you can decide whether to move ahead with the mentoring program.

If this is of interest to you please call 1-888-484-8220 ext. 1 to schedule an appointment or email me now at

I look forward to us speaking.


Larry Connors