My 5 strengths and 2 weaknesses

is it about you that makes you a trader? 
Why did you choose this
business?  (And I emphasize the word "business")  What strengths about you
provide you with the right temperament to trade successfully?  Do you like risk
taking, or are you able to make quick, unemotional decisions?  Here is a list
that I made personally:

– Trading is fun, and NOT a
frustrating experience.

– Money is NOT the subject of
my focus, price movement is.

– Losing is part of the
process of making money and no one loss makes me a loser.

– Trading is a game that I
know I can win.

– I don’t have to be in the
market all the time, and I can wait for opportunity to come.

– I don’t trade for
recognition. I don’t have to prove anything, and others opinion of me is not of
interest to me.

These are my strengths that
allow me to focus on the trade, which is the only thing that matters once I take
it.  While it’s important to harness our strengths and use them to our
advantage, it’s even more important to understand our weaknesses and make
adjustments accordingly. 

What are my weaknesses?  I
have plenty, but 2 major ones: 

When I have a great day, it’s very hard not to feel less vulnerable.  I control
it to some degree, not normally taking atypical risks .But there are times when
my ego creeps in to inflate my expectations.  My other weakness, which I’m
continuing to work on, is getting out of the scalping mentality.  My personal
goal is to take more out of each trade when the risk evaluation is safe, and the
trade continues to "behave" so to speak. 



Please feel free to email me with any questions
you might have, and have a great trading week!

Chris Curran