My letter to the Fed

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In one of my recent
reports to you, I ranted about the FED and how they just don’t shut up.
is what I wrote:

"Our problem…and there is no doubt in
our mind…is that one day one of them is going to say something the market
does NOT like…and this could potentially cause a severe dislocation. We do
not believe the FED was invented to open their mouth on a daily basis…and
that is what they are doing. There is not a day that goes by that Yellen,
Poole, Bernanke and the rest do not yap away. We hope we are wrong about the


The market cratered in the last half hour
because of one solitary occurrence.  CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo said that Ben Bernanke had told her at the White House Correspondents’ dinner in
Washington on Saturday that he had not intended the markets to infer that
the Fed was nearly done raising interest rates and that the media and
markets basically got it wrong last week in speculating that the Fed is done
raising interest rates. He said it is worrisome to him that anyone would
think of him as dovish. He said that he and FOMC members were trying to
create some flexibility for the Fed , and that the Fed may pause but the
data will dictate whether more rate hikes will take place.

It was bad enough that
two more FEDHEADS yapped earlier in the day but are you kidding? The head
honcho…the top dog.,..the big cheese…the man that trillions of dollars
around the world react to…is now talking to journalists? Big Al was at least
smart enough to know when and when not to open his mouth. Do we have to worry
about Big Ben’s next cocktail party? Maybe he should have put his name in for
co-host of "The View."

Tonight, I am writing a letter to the FED. It is
bad enough they decided to not announce M3 anymore…but the endless chatter
is now becoming ridiculous. I am simply going to ask them to keep it down. I
am simply going to explain to them that the markets are fragile and words
will one day hurt. I hope they listen. It is absolutely insane what they are
doing and I repeat…if they keep this up, one day the market is not going
to like what they say…and look out. 

My real problem is that the Fed may be trapped
now. They want to ease but see soaring commodity prices, a housing bubble,
a cracking currency and an uncooperative bond market. This is going to get


As I suggested in the weekend report, the
BROKERS were getting in some trouble. On Monday, they cratered…and this
was before the market was hit. We now add another market proxy as being in
trouble, the INVESTMENT MANAGERS. Names like BEN, AMG and CLMS are now
joining the ugly party. This is very important as these groups are market
proxies. We would not ignore that these areas are breaking down. Add in the
recent tops in BIOTECHS, SEMIS, UTILITIES, REITS and a few others…and you
have a market that needs to be watched closely. With all the internal damage
being done, we believe the next time down is not just going to be a normal
correction. We believe there is a chance of something of consequence. We
advise you to watch the support levels we have outlined for you.

Gary Kaltbaum