New Research on Trading Stocks and Options with Moving Averages from Connors Research

In 2004, when Larry Connors & Connors Research published How Markets Really Work, they started with the proposition to always look at the data in order to develop unique insights into price behavior rather than blindly follow widely accepted “truths”.

It is with that same discipline that they undertook their most recent investigation into the application of Moving Averages. The result of this effort is a powerful new way to utilize Moving Averages as a short-term timing tool to identify high probability mean reversion trades.

This NEW quantified Moving Average Strategy increases the probability of identifying major market turns and thus allows traders to take advantage of those opportunities. When traded correctly, this new approach to trading Moving Averages can provide traders with consistent, positive results in any market condition.

This new research will be published in the next guidebook in our Connors Research Trading Strategy Series: Trading Stocks and Options with Moving Averages – A Quantified Approach

Many of the strategy variations in this guidebook have been correct up to over 75% of the time over a 12+ year time period starting in January 2001. Just take a look at the results below:

Top 10 Performing Variations Sorted by Win Rate

Take Advantage of a Powerful New Way to Use Moving Averages to Deliver Results in Any Market

Top 10 Performing Variations Sorted by Average Gain Per Trade

There are also dozens of variations with average gain per trade of over 4%. All of the strategy rules are fully detailed in the guidebook along with trade examples and how to customize the strategy for your trading needs.

Trading Stocks and Options with Moving Averages includes:

  • The exact trading rules. This is not a black box – full disclosure of the rules is provided.
  • How to identify the best Moving Averages trading set-ups.
  • How to select the best entry levels that fit your trading style.
  • Where to exactly place your orders each day.
  • Where and when to exactly exit your orders.
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Note: This Guidebook was published on December 2, 2013.