New Book: High Probability ETF Trading Now Available for Pre-Order

If there is one message in the latest book from Larry Connors, High Probability ETF Trading, then it may be this: ETF trading is easy, effective and might represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trade a market just as it is becoming more widely known and traded by professional and retail traders, alike.

High Probability ETF Trading is the first guide to ETF trading that actually uses backtested, quantified trading strategies. More than just a collection of set-ups, Larry Connors’ latest book gives short term traders sound principles and high-win rate trading strategies that have proven accurate in historical testing through both bull market and bear.

The strategies in this book on high probability ETF trading have win rates of more than 75%. For the S&P 500 SPDRS (SPY) alone, this high probability approach to ETF trading resulted in correctly predicting the direction of the ETF more than 90% of the time for more than a decade.

What’s more, the test results for the strategies in High Probability ETF Trading include 2008 – a year that was challenging for many professional traders and money managers to say the least. The fact that these high probability ETF trading strategies performed well through 2008 is notable.

The irony of the strategies in High Probability ETF Trading is that although they have exceptionally high win-rates in historical testing, the strategies themselves are remarkably straight-forward and easy to follow. The robustness of the strategies means that traders can actually customize the strategies to be more aggressive or more conservative depending on trading style, risk tolerance and overall goals.

Safer than stocks? Easier than options? Cheaper than mutual funds? When it comes to short term trading, ETFs are an alternative that more and more traders are turning to. And for those short term traders looking for quantified, backtested strategies with impressive per trade win-rates, High Probability ETF Trading is a must-own manual, guide and reference.

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