New High Probability ETF Software to Help You Find the Best Trading Set-Ups Every Day

Incisive pre-market analysis. Backtested, quantified edges. High win-rate ETF trading.

Trading systematically allows traders to focus on execution and risk management – rather than searching for the next new trading opportunity. This is why so many professional traders have taken the systematic trading route: letting proven, quantified trading strategies do the work of providing signals so that they can focus on managing risk and picking from the very best of the edges the market provides.

Now, with the creation of our new High Probability ETF Trading Alerts, this same approach to professional trading is now available to high probability ETF traders. Click here to start your free, 7-day trial!

High Probability ETF Trading Alerts are based on the research from the new book by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez, High Probability ETF Trading. Backed up by decades of backtested, quantified trading results, High Probability ETF Trading includes 7 quantified ETF trading strategies – many with per trade win rates of more than 80%.

High Probability ETF Trading Alerts make it possible for short term ETF traders to spot high probability ETF trades every day. Not only that, but with a free, 7-day trial, traders will receive pre-market analysis, precise entry points on the best ETFs with the greatest edges for the day, detailed charts including critical technical indicators like the 200-day moving average and the 2-period RSI, a model portfolio of current and past trades, plus overbought and oversold ETF screens to help traders put their trading in context of the general tone of the market.

High Probability ETF Trading Alerts are prepared every day by Larry Connors and Jiten Chandiramani. Larry Connors is founder and CEO of TradingMarkets, in addition to being the author of High Probability ETF Trading and Short Term Trading Strategies That Work. Chandiramani is a financial analyst with more than 15 years of trading and investing experience. He is a former investment banker at Lehman Brothers and recently was a director at Moody’s where he was involved with quantitative risk management.

If you are ready to take your short term trading to the next level, then our High Probability ETF Trading Alerts may be just what you are looking for. To start your free, 7-day trial to High Probability ETF Trading Alerts, click here today.

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