Options Spotlight: Arch Coal, Inc.

This week’s edition of Options Spotlight takes a look at Arch Coal, Inc.
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. According to Hoover’s, the firm is one of the country’s largest coal producers. Arch Coal produces about 130 million tons of coal a year from about 20 mines in the western U.S. and Central Appalachia; the company has proved and probable reserves of 2.9 billion tons. Steam coal — low-ash coal used by electric utilities to produce steam in boilers — accounts for the vast majority of the company’s sales. To store and ship its Appalachian coal, the company operates the Arch Coal Terminal near the Ohio River.

In the Options Spotlight, I shine a light on what’s happening in the options world. In the case of Arch Coal, call activity has been brisk on the shares as investors attempt to call a bottom to the security’s downtrend. Has this stock’s decline finally reached an end? For a closer look at Arch Coal and its sentiment backdrop, go to schaeffersresearch.com.

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