An Introduction to ConnorsRSI

We’re very excited to announce the release of ConnorsRSI – a proprietary momentum oscillator developed by Connors Research. In the past, we’ve based many of our trading strategies around the 2-period RSI. Through years of testing over the last decade we’ve shown that the 2-period RSI is one of the most reliable and accurate indicators for swing trading. Now for the first time you can trade with a new indicator that has shown even more impressive results throughout our extensive testing.

Included in this introductory guidebook is a fully-defined, quantified pullback trading strategy designed around ConnorsRSI.

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This composite indicator draws upon 2 of the main components that make the 2-period RSI such a powerful indicator, but we’ve incorporated a third element that ranks the relative magnitude of price change with the result being a stronger, more accurate measurement of how oversold or overbought a security currently is. Add that to the built-in measurements of price momentum and the duration of an up or down trend and you have the combined power of the ConnorsRSI indicator.

The ConnorsRSI indicator will help you find the deepest pullbacks in the markets and help you zero in on securities due for the greatest rebounds every single trading day.

Download your FREE copy of this brand-new guidebook by clicking here. See for yourself why we’re confident ConnorsRSI will become a new worldwide industry standard.