Our Latest Guidebook! ETF Trading With Bollinger Bands®

Bollinger Bands are one of the most popular and widely used trading strategies on a global scale. The consistency and accuracy they can provide has garnered the support of hundreds of thousands of traders, but trading with Bollinger Bands can be very subjective. We love the consistency that trading ETFs offer and that’s why our latest guidebook focuses specifically on trading ETFs with Bollinger Bands to maximize the reliability of the two grounded in the extensive back-testing of Connors Research.

The newest addition to the Connors Research Trading Strategy Series: ETF Trading with Bollinger Bands is a hands-on guidebook filled with multiple strategies that have shown extremely strong test results – with most having historical winning percentages of 80% and up.

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Just like with all our other guidebooks, ETF Trading with Bollinger Bands lays out exactly how to enter, exit, and place your positions with the rules for each strategy clearly defined. Trading with Bollinger Bands can leave a lot of room for interpretation, but we’ve completely removed the subjectivity and quantified dozens of set-ups for you to trade ETFs with Bollinger Bands that are 100% research-based. These strategy variations have shown to be correct over 80% of the time from January 2006 through August 2012, with 11 of them showing a win rate of over 90%.

If you trade options, you’ll be interested to learn how to apply these strategies to trading ETF options with Bollinger Bands as the historical returns have been very strong throughout our back-testing.

Included in this guidebook are the exact trading rules, and clear guidance on how to identify and execute the best Bollinger Band ETF setups to strengthen both your average trade gains and winning edges.

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