Our Latest Guidebook: Options Trading with ConnorsRSI

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Connors Research Trading Strategy SeriesOptions Trading with ConnorsRSI. This new strategy guidebook is specifically designed around applying the powerful ConnorsRSI momentum oscillator to the world of options trading.

Click here to learn more about how you can start trading call options with a greater level of precision. Simplify the entire process of trading options with Options Trading with ConnorsRSI.

As with every strategy developed by Connors Research, this is a fully-quantified guide complete with clear and concise rules for entering and exiting positions. We strive to provide you with multiple variations of the main strategy so that you can both use it alongside other trading methodologies you might be relying upon, as well as tailoring it to meet your personal goals.

One of the core facets of Options Trading with ConnorsRSI is the ability to consistently execute this strategy with a very high level of precision. We’ve streamlined the process of options trading in order for you to take a fully-quantified, systematic approach to identifying setups and selecting entry and exit levels.

The end result is a better way to control the risk inherent in options trading – with corresponding test results that have shown reliable gains with all variations displaying winning trades above 70%.

If you’re looking for a systematic way to trade options based around a quantified, rule-based strategy we encourage you to pick up your copy of Options Trading with ConnorsRSI.