Price-Time-Momentum Symmetry

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The last commentary was 3/12 when the SPX hit a new cycle intraday high at 1153.41, and in that commentary we said that the odds are now obviously very high that the SPX will hit the 1229 .618RT to 1576 from 667, which is an +84.2%  advance off the 3/9/09 667 bear cycle low.

I also said that before the SPX hits the 1229 zone there will be another pullback to alleviate the short term extended condition in order sustain a continuation move to 1229. The SPX had declined -9.2% from the 1/19/10 1150.45 high to the 1044.50 2/5/10 low which was also a key price and time zone. Some of you familiar with my trading methodology know that as a “Generals Pullback” The subsequent rally off the 1044.50 low is now +11.1% to the new cycle high yesterday at 1160.28, and new high close at 1159.46.

There was key time symmetry on 3/12 (+/- 3 days), and there is more on 3/19 and 3/21 which falls on Sunday, so it is in play on both sides of the weekend. 3/19 is 377 CD`s (Fib) from the 3/6/09 667 low, while 3/21 is the date using the Square of 9 where you use Time (2/5 1044.50 low) to measure Time, and that is 3/21 which is also the Spring Equinox, so it is significant time symmetry.

The price symmetry in this key time period is the 1161 .50RT to 1553 (3/24/00 Top) from the 769 10/10/02 bear cycle low, and the 1163 Wave 3 high in that same bull cycle that ran to the 1576 cycle high on 10/11/07. Also, 1161 is the 45 Degree angle measured from 667.

I have only provided the specific price and time symmetry in response to many email requests for more detail about price and time, but that is reserved for the Trading Service members on a daily basis so this is a one-time special situation.

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