Racing Toward Excellence: The Big Saturday Interview with Author Muzaffar Khan

For Labor Day Weekend, our Big Saturday Interview features author and former hedge fund trader Muzaffar Khan, whose book Racing Towards Excellence: Demystifying the Inside Track to Academic, Career and Financial Outperformance provides a blueprint for self-improvement for the young and the young at heart.

From his discussion of the “Four Accounts” that everyone must understand and respect as key to sustained and lasting achievement in any field of endeavor to what Muzaffar Khan calls his “outperformer” strategy, the insights in Racing Towards Excellence are as applicable to college students as they are to mid-career professionals looking to regain their edge and restore inspiration and enthusiasm to their daily work.

Inspiring people creates consistent outperformance. Inspiration can only come from the frontal lobe, the center of our advanced intelligence. Contrasting with motivation, inspiration is about seeing things with an open mind and working to discover what you love.

Muzaffar Khan is formerly a strategiest for Moore Capital, working in emerging markets. He earned an advanced degree from the London School of Economics, and has worked in private banking at Citibank and in foreign exchange-trading at Barclays. He is currently Principal and Board Member of Space Energy AG, a company working on space-based solar energy projects.

Vision is driven by inspiration. This is what distinguishes it from objectives which come from motivation. Objectives, like motivation, can be fear-based. Surviving bullying, paying the rent, and not failing a class are all objectives. Vision, on the other hand, always comes from inspiration …

The Big Saturday Interview is now available as an audio file. To access the audio interview with Muzaffar Khan, author of Racing Towards Excellence: Demystifying the Inside Track to Academic, Career and Financial Outperformance, click the link below.

Racing Towards Excellence: The Big Saturday Interview with Former Hedge Fund Trader Muzaffar Kahn

And to find out more about Muzaffar Khan’s book, click here.

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