Reversal Patterns Are Heating Up

Recent stocks in our

Nightly Report have been paying big
The big trades have been in the reversal patterns. Typically, when I
see my bottom line being positively affected by reversal trades and not my
trending trades it’s a sign for a market shift or major sector rotations
occurring. Below are a few of the recent trades that have been filtering through
my nightly report. Yes, I realize showing them to you know does you no good
other than continuing to see these patterns and to see the potential of these

On a sector alert tonight take a peak at the weekly Oil
Service HOLDRs (OIH). This ETF has sold off for 7 weeks now for a 20% decline.
Check out the previous decline in this longer term uptrending ETF. Both previous
corrective declines lasted 8 weeks and between 17 and 20% declines as well. I
wouldn’t be surprised to see a reversal in this sector start to develop in the
next week.

Have a great night!

Derrik Hobbs



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