School’s in Session: The New Spring 2010 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College

Says Trader Jack B., an alum of the TradingMarkets Swing Trading College:

” … the Swing Trading College material has already paid for my tuition. The new TPS strategy alone is worth the price of the entire course.”

On March 4th, TradingMarkets CEO and founder Larry Connors will unveil the new Spring 2010 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College. The TradingMarkets Swing Trading College is one of the most popular trading education courses offered by TradingMarkets, helping beginning traders and veteran traders alike to become the very best traders they can be. Click here to reserve your spot today.

IWM Chart

Figure 1. Buying the selling and selling the buying is a fundamental strategy when it comes to the high probability trading of the Swing Trading College. Here, oversold extremes in the ^IWM^ presented an excellent short term trading opportunity for high probability traders.

The Spring 2010 Swing Trading College provides traders with everything they need to build a short term trading business based on “best practices” like quantified trading strategies and the sort of advanced risk management that professional traders have relied on successfully for decades.

FXI Chart

Figure 2. Trade to the long side or the short side using the same basic principles of buying markets after they have pulled back and selling short markets after they have rallied. The reversal in the market for the ^FXI^ is typical of the behavior of both stocks and ETFs that become overbought below the 200-day moving average.

From the fundamentals of mean reversion trading in the short term to the importance of buying the selling and selling the buying, the Swing Trading College will provide you with the kind of tools that will make you a better trader of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options and e-mini index futures.

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SDS Chart

Figure 3. Learn how to trade stocks, options, index futures, even leveraged exchange-traded funds using quantified, backtested trading strategies. The chart above shows a pair of buying opportunities in one of the more popular inverse leveraged ETFs, the ^SDS^.

What is swing trading? Why is the 200-day moving average one of the most important moving averages for short term traders? What do “intraday weakness” and “scaling-in” refer to and why are they such powerful tools for high probability traders? How can average retail traders take advantage of the same sort of edges that professional traders have used successfully for decades?

These are all some of the questions that will be answered for traders who enroll in the new Spring 2010 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College. And as a special bonus, traders who enroll in the Spring 2010 Swing Trading College course will immediate get access to all the course materials from the current Winter 2010 class AND get to watch Larry trade live with the current Winter STC class starting on Monday, March 15.

Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? Spaces are limited. So to reserve your spot at Larry Connors’ free presentation on the Spring 2010 TradingMarkets Swing Trading College on Thursday, March 4th, click here today!

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