September Market Symmetry

In the previous commentary I said the current long term time symmetry date was in the first week of September, and that you could read it in the Trading Service commentary for 8/25/14 with a free 1-week trial to the Service.

I have included several excerpts of that commentary today.

“Next week is month end so the stage is set for the SPX 2000 magnet to get taken out on a mark up, and then there is some 8.6 year cycle timing symmetry [2014.675] in the first trading week of September plus or minus a few days, in that it is more of a timing zone than one specific day.”

“I have included a segment of the 8.6 year cycle that actually starts with 1929.75 [M. Armstrong], but the cycle can also be calculated from major bull cycle tops and bottoms, and you also know that the cycle applies to lower time periods like months, weeks, days, and even hours. If a cycle is valid it must be fractal and appear on all levels of time.”

“If you calculate the 2014.675 date in days you get 9/3/14 because you multiply .675 x 365 days which is 246 days, and 12/31/13 + 246 days =`s 9/3/14. If you calculate it by rule of thumb you get 9/6/14, which is .675 x 365 / 30 =`s 8.21 mo`s, and .21 x 30 =`s 6, so you get 9/6/13 [8.21 mo`s] It is obviously better to use the exact days and then assume it is a time zone around the dates.”

The SPX reversed +5.4% after the decline to the 100 DEMA zone to the 2011.17 high on 9/4/14 and the primary time symmetry. Since taking out the 2000 magnet the index has reversed -1.6% to a 1978.48 low [9/15/14] in 7 TD`s, but obviously still remains in its 3 primary uptrends [daily, weekly, monthly]

With the mid-term elections just weeks away you can bet that politically motivated Yellen will keep the Fed`s manipulated market Ponzi scheme going and avoid any significant downside reversal. The economic data put out by the government agencies is manipulated, especially with all of the seasonal adjustments and positive revisions of negative data points.

The central banks are far worse than Madoff, but they just haven`t been caught yet, and obviously never will. However, they will keep blaming and fining everyone else. The Fed, BLS, and the US Treasury consistently lie about the economic data, always overstating economic growth and employment data, in addition to perpetually understating the reality of inflation in those things that matter most in everyday life

It is obviously a Central Bank extended manipulated market divorced from fundamental reality, and how do you think that is going to end?

Kevin Haggerty