Start the New Year with The Connors Research Trading Strategy Series

The Connors Research Trading Strategy Series has grown into the most popular trading education series we’ve ever offered since its inception earlier this year. These concise, comprehensive, and immediately applicable guidebooks have enabled thousands of traders to start trading quantitative strategies like true professionals.

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At the heart of this Strategy Guidebook series is the complete and full disclosure of the extensive quantified test results for each individual strategy, backed by highly liquid sample sets. That means absolutely no speculation about setups or entry and exit levels – you’ll learn exactly where to enter and exit your trades with precision rules for selection and setups.

The Connors Research Trading Strategy Series constitutes hundreds of quantified setups throughout the numerous strategic approaches offered in each guidebook.

Whether you trade conservatively or aggressively or long and short, you’ll have the flexibility to tailor these strategies alongside other methods you may rely upon to realize your personal trading goals.