Take Advantage of Current Mispriced Opportunities by Trading Volatility

Since hosting The 1st Volatility Trading Strategy Summit in May we’re received an incredibly strong response from the attendees expressing how much they learned from the event, and we were delighted to see the level of discussion that ensued as we presented our trading strategies.

Due to the volume of requests we’ve received since holding our initial Volatility Seminar, we’re excited to announce a 2nd Volatility Trading Strategy Summit that we’ll be hosting in July.

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Volatility trading is the next true frontier for active traders. Along with many of our successful quantified strategies, we’ll be covering how to trade VXX – the most popularly traded volatility instrument in the market with over 40 million shares a day. In addition we’ll be presenting our main XIV trading strategy (the inverse of VXX and the number 2 regularly traded volatility vehicle) which has seen double-digit annualized returns through March of 2012.

If you’d like to learn about how to trade volatility with quantified, statistically-backed strategies, I encourage you to attend the 2nd Volatility Trading Summit where you’ll learn about the significant opportunities trading volatility can offer active investors on a regular basis.

Click here to learn more about why you should be trading volatility, and preview some of the trading strategies we’ll be presenting at the 2nd Volatility Trading Strategy Summit in July.