The Upward Glide in Volatility

Yesterday’s follow-through rally occurred as normally does occur in bull markets and the market is now slightly overbought.

The Daily Battle Plan Model Portfolio exited its long position in SPY on the close. This is the 70th trade in SPY since the inception of the Battle Plan Model Portfolio – the historical track record is now 60 winning trades and 10 losing trade (just over 85% correct since 2008).

There are a lot of interesting things occurring at the same time both on a global basis and on a market basis. This is best reflected in the upward glide in volatility. Higher volatility often leads to more trading opportunities and as we’ve seen this month, the potential for larger trading gains when you correctly predict direction.

Our first live trading class for Volatility Spikes starts tonight and it will be a good one. Class begins at 4:30 pm ET.

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