The 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit

We will be hosting the 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit this month where we’ll be teaching attendees the vital information traders need to know to successfully swing trade – from defining when and how to buy stocks on pullbacks to teaching fully quantified strategies for trading overbought and oversold stocks. The proprietary strategies presented at the Summit are unique in the trading community, and because so many retail traders continue to improperly swing trade there are boundless mispriced opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Despite the massive amount information floating around on how to swing trade, few if any divulge the exact rules involved with buying, selling, and specifically timing market swings. We’re offering the 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit to share our swing trading strategies – all of which are fully quantified and backed by over a decade of historical results.

Click here to register for a free, interactive webinar with Larry Connors where he will be previewing the material presented at the upcoming 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit. Larry will be disclosing one of the quantified swing trading strategies at the webinar, with complete trading rules and test results.

At the 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit you will learn the critical information active traders need when swing trading, covering a wide range of applicable areas including:

  • ETFs and Leveraged ETFs
  • Short Selling
  • Gap Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Volatility Trading

All these topics will be discussed at length, as well as key components surrounding market timing, risk management, and building your own high-probability swing trading portfolio.

Like all of the events we host, our research is grounded in thorough back-testing over many years of historical data. We pull back the curtains for every strategy that will be taught at the Summit, divulging the comprehensive rules, specific instructions for entry & exit points, and the complete results from our testing and analysis.

Larry Connors is widely considered as an expert on Swing Trading, and has been publishing research used globally by professional traders since 1995. This is a live event where you’ll have every opportunity to pose your questions directly to Larry and the Connors Research staff. If you want to learn how to swing trade with clearly defined, concise, and quantified strategies we encourage you to sign up for the 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit today.

Click here to learn more about 1st High Probability Swing Trading Summit by signing up for a live webinar with Larry Connors, where he will be discussing the Summit topics in-depth as well as answering any questions you might have.