The Connors Group and ConvergEx: Execution, Automation and The Machine

Institutional-grade strategies meet institutional-grade execution

With the forging of a new alliance just announced between The Connors Group and ConvergEx Group, retail traders and investors using The Machine will soon have access to both institutional-grade trading and investing strategies as well as institutional-grade trade execution and automation technology.

Said Larry Connors, founder and CEO of The Connors Group which developed The Machine in 2010, “We are very excited to move forward with this agreement with ConvergEx, which will provide users of The Machine with an even more efficient way to manage their portfolios.”

The Machine is the first financial software that empowers traders and investors with the ability to combine quantified, trading strategies into objective, data-driven investment portfolios using stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). From long and short strategies to both mean reversion (pullback) and trend following strategies, the Machine is resource that a growing number of independent investors, money managers and hedge fund traders have adopted in order to professionally and successfully manage and grow their money – and that of their clients – over time.

And now combined with the innovative technology of ConvergEx’s LiquidPoint platform, users of The Machine will have at their fingertips the kind of state-of-the-art trade execution and automation technology that will allow them to take maximum advantage of high reward/risk, low drawdown, balanced portfolios that a growing number of successful traders and investors are building with The Machine.

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David Penn is Editor in Chief of