The Machine: Building and Trading High Probability, High Performance Portfolios

Connors Research has promoted a high probability approach to trading and investing for well over a decade. This approach has been – and continues to be – focused on data-driven, quantitative
analysis to create profitable, high win-rate trading and investing strategies for stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and options.

One principle that Connors Research has uncovered is that using multiple, high-win rate strategies combined together has the potential to significantly minimize drawdowns. This principle is at
the heart of the newest product, The MachineĀ®, offered by The Connors Group (through

Traders and investors using The Machine have the ability to build portfolios of multiple, high probability trading strategies: strategies for stocks and ETFs, mean reversion and trend following
strategies, strategies for trading on the long side, as well as the short side. In the same way that the hedge fund world has been revolutionized by the rise of “funds of funds”, The Machine
provides traders and investors with the tools they need to build high probability “portfolios of portfolios” – a basket of high probability trading and investing strategies based on the quantified
criteria that you select.

Build a balanced portfolio using strategies with historically high reward/risk ratios and low drawdowns. Or create a bear market portfolio by pairing short strategies and conservative long
strategies. Or create a high returns portfolio that combines strategies with historically high annual rates of return. Develop the kind of portfolio of multiple, quantified trading and investing
strategies that meet your specific needs and objectives.

The Machine Chart

Above: A look at the equity curve for a sample, multi-strategy low volatility portfolio developed by Larry Connors during a Chairman’s Club presentation of The Machine earlier this

Trading multiple, quantified, high probability strategies in a portfolio of portfolios is what turns high probability trading into high performance trading. And The Machine saves time and makes
the trading these portfolios of portfolios a simple daily routine.

As one trader and investor who had begun using The Machine told Larry Connors, “this is the 21st century of trading and investing.” And we agree. Quantified high probability strategies in
quantified high performance portfolios is the future for traders and investors looking to take their trading and investing to the next level.

No emotion. No buy and hold. And no one else’s opinion. Just data-driven decisions that you control.

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